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Have you thought about what your life is going to be like after 40 years of punching a clock?

Maybe you've already worked 40 years.

I was shocked to learn that after 40 years of working, most people find themselves financially struggling.

After 40 YEARS!!!

According to the US Census, after giving 40 years of their life to working.
63% of people are financially dependent on their families or are trying to make ends meet from Social Security?

29% of people didn't even make it. Only 4% of people have savings enough to support themselves.
3% of people are still working a job And, ONLY 1% of people are independently wealthy.

I know it sounds depressing..

The Good News is that 74% of the 1% of people who are independently wealthy are self-employed.

That's right.
They stopped thinking a company was going to take care of them and they become 100% self-reliant,
securing their own future. These are the people you see travelling the world, enjoying their life.
living life to the fullest. So, what's it going to be for you?

Will you be one of the people still working and trying to make ends meet,
weighting for a government sponsored pension or will you be one of the people
who creates a life of abundance and financial freedom?

How To Create Big Duplication...

Do you ever feel like you bought a business in a box,
but that a few parts might be missing?

You know...
The pieces that actually make it go and produce?

Well, if you feel like that, it's because you're right.

Ray Kroc,
the franchise master of McDonald's was a genius in more ways than one.

A networking business has been compared to a McDonald's franchise in many ways,
on many occasions. If you haven't come across these comparisons before,
I'm sure you can quickly think of a few on your own.

Here is what you may not have realized about Ray, McDonald's, and your business...


Ray's primary mission was to sell McDonald's franchises to franchise buyers, which then sell the burgers to the customers.
More franchises = more burgers sold.


Pretty simple.

Our job as networkers is no different. We sell our franchise opportunity to others,
and collectively market the product to the end consumer.

Here's the interesting part to this...

Generally speaking some people think that  McDonald's food sucks,
It's about as far from good, fresh, quality food that you can get.

Yet it's the largest and most successful franchise and fast food restaurant in the history of human kind.

How in the world is that possible!? How can you become #1, by selling an inferior product?!

It goes against everything we think we know about business.

Well, this is exactly where the genius of Ray Kroc becomes apparent...

Ray knew the product wasn't going to be the initial key to success for his franchise buyers,
just as your product is not the initial key to your success in your mlm business.

Having a good product is important after the fact... Once you actually have customers.
Then it's critical to give them exactly what they want.

The key to McDonald's success with both franchise owners and customers, was their duplicatable system.

Ray knew his food couldn't compare to the quality of other franchises. He also knew that potential franchise buyers
didn't give a hoot about McDonald's or their burgers. What they did want, was to make money.

So Ray sold them EXACTLY what they wanted, which wasn't a restaurant, but a machine that acquired customers,
and turned them into cash.

He didn't sell them the food, he sold them a system.

In fact the system was so fine-tuned, that you could take a team of unskilled,
inexperienced high school kids, and have them run the show.

In fact the system was so fine-tuned, that you could take a team of unskilled, inexperienced high school kids,
and have them run the show.

All they did was flip the switches, that ran the machine, which did the majority of the work behind the scenes.

The competition didn't have a chance. Ray's system was like a greased chute.
You turn it on, and it churns out a predictable end result every time.

Franchise owners started buying and setting these machines up by the thousands, turned them on, and got the end result.
That is why they bought McDonald's and it's inferior food over the competition.

As these machines popped up around the country, the end product to the consumer became more than just food.
It became the predictable expectation and atmosphere provided by Ray's magical machines.

And THAT is what McDonald's provides better than anyone else in the world. That is their TRUE product to the consumer.
You go to McDonald's because you know exactly what to expect. It's a comfort for people.

So, as a network marketer, selling a business franchise, what are you selling to your potential buyers?

you are probably trying to sell them on your company and your product.
(A "mine-is-better-than-yours-burger-with all the trimmings").

You have a ton of websites and material about your company's history, their record breaking growth, their debt-free finances,
the ORAC value of your product, the Physician's Desk Reference number, the user testimonials... Blah blah blah.

Am I right?

Be smart.

Do what Ray did.

People get rich in this world by solving other people's problems, and when you sell someone your opportunity,
you are not solving a problem, you are giving them a bigger one!

"Congrats, you own the hottest networking business in the industry! (Slap on the butt), Now go get'em tiger!"

Product and comp plans don't make you successful.
Systems do. And when I say systems, I mean a complete system which includes the pieces that bring in your customers (ads),
sell them your product (marketing), and then deliver the goods.

These machines (ads and marketing) should be doing the work for you.
All you need to do is push the "Go Button" and become buddies (customer service, cashiers)
with the folks who come through the system.
Not because you are unskilled or lazy,
but because a system is duplicatable and you are not.

It provides a predictable result.

Show them and sell them a system for attaining the results they want,
and they could care less about ORAC values, price points, and competition.

Solve their problem.

Provide them with a system that will bring them the results they desire,
and you will reap success beyond your wildest dreams.
Why do other networkers call my partners and I to join our team daily?

Because we are selling them what they want:
A system that produces results. Learn how to create the machines that bring in the customers.
Learn how to create the marketing that sells them on your product or service.
Learn how to build a duplicatable system so effective,
that anyone who bothers to show up to work will be successful.

Learn how to become the Ray Kroc of networking and leave the competition's head spinning.

It's not that hard, it's just that no one's bothered to show you how to do it yet...

The flip side of this advice is...
become the Ray Kroc of networking