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What is the difference between
Linear INCOME / Residual INCOME
Multi-level / Network Marketing
Direct Selling / Pyramid Scheme
Franchise / Affiliate / Ponzi
Gifting Club / Chain mail  1

What is in a System.
Ray Kroc has a System,
He didn't sell them the food,
He sold them a system.  2

Create a Residual  Income.

reate a solid frame work and

foundation for your network.

Use the pipeline system to

build your business / network ? 3

The  Network / Company
that you are Promoting,
Has the best Ethics for
International Business.

Has the Best
Patented Product Line
Industry can offer.

A Patented Compensation Plan

That Is one of the most Lucrative
Pay Structure Compensation Plans
within the Industry   !  4

What do you spend your    time at        When you help someone Attain their......    Goals / Dreams,  Aspirations'      Chances are  "You"  will be closer to yours
"If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take,   their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny."               Thomas Jefferson

33 doses so 198...
6 sprays per dose

6 sprays before
meals x3 daily

sold sepertatley  or  in sets of  3 and 8

MDC Sprays

Or Choose
Your Package

Regarding refunds with HB naturals.
This is from the company owner.
If customs was to seize a product we would refund,
or issue an account credit for other product purchases.
Whichever the member preferred.
We have never had products seized by customs.
h b naturals

250MG        500MG        1000MG


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Your Own
Skin Care

Metallic Based Lubricant

Concentrated  Oil  Additive
containing  particles  of
Copper  and  Lead

iesel Fuel Biocide

Octane   Number

Will  "NOT"  Change


Just a Little goes
a long
... long way