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The Pro-Ma Performance Products DT5 diesel fuel treatment
contains a component known as "Surfactant".
Surfactant can control the water content within a fuel tank
by breaking down the water into microscopic particles.


  Pro-Ma Diesel Fuel Bug Biocide is a potent biocide
for killing and preventing regrowth
of most types of organisms that grow in fuels.

It is particularly effective against
the most common type of growth,
Cladosporium Resinae,
as well as against bacteria yeasts and other fungi.

Pro-Ma Diesel Fuel Bug Biocide,
being totally organic,
leaves no ash on combustion.



Maxi Sheen (375mL)

A non-oil based
triple silicone protectant
for Interior vinyl
and leather surfaces.

Anti-Freeze/ Anti-Boil (1 L)

Formulated to provide
excellent protection against
freezing and overheating.

We review and update our product
packaging in order to
ensure it remains as
sustainable as possible.
The packaging of your
product may therefore vary.